New Year, New you!

How are your New Year Resolutions coming along?

One of the most common new years resolutions is to lose weight and get fit – is that one of yours??

If so, here are some tips to help you be successful in 2018:

Set goals: Spend some time writing down your health and fitness goals, ensuring they are challenging but realistic. Be positive and confident about your ability to achieve them! Stick your goals on the fridge or the mirror so you can remind yourself everyday what you are working towards.

Prioritise: If you want to improve your health, make it a priority! Write your workout times in your diary and stick to them like you would any other appointment. Avoid rescheduling your workouts – remember, these are essential appointments, not optional!

Keep track: Keep a food and/or exercise diary to monitor your progress and help motivate you to stay focused on your goals.

Be patient: Fitness and weight loss don’t happen overnight. That’s why it is important to have a time frame for your goal. Set mini goals to work towards along the way – these give you something more immediate to aim for, and help you build confidence and faith in yourself.

Get help: If you find you are struggling with your goals, ask for help! Ask a friend to join you for some early morning exercise, get your partner involved or better yet, enlist the help of a Personal Trainer to keep you motivated so you can achieve your goals!

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