About Us

My name is Adrian Steward and I’m the founder of Physique Technique in Yass.

My interest in fitness began about 15 years ago. I was overweight and unhappy, and I wanted to regain control of my life.

I started going to the gym regularly and changed my eating habits. Over time, my weight began to drop and my energy levels increased.  Over the years I have continued to gain muscle mass while reducing my body fat percentage.

Because of my struggles with weight gain and physical fitness in my early 20’s, I gained a greater appreciation of the fitness industry and decided that I wanted to help other people reclaim control of their life. I began learning more about fitness and nutrition and I became certified as a Personal Trainer.

I am available for both indoor and outdoor personal training sessions, and I also offer group fitness sessions.

I can help you with the following types of training:

Strength and Conditioning
Kettlebell Training
Powerbag Training
Battling Ropes Training
Suspension Training
Functional Movement Training
Mobility Training
Boxing Fitness
Kick Boxing Fitness
Cardio Conditioning
Weight Loss
High Intensity Training
Muscle Toning
Hypertrophy Training
Punchfit GX
Boot Camp
General fitness
Online Personal Training


Certificate III Fitness – Canberra Institute of Technology
Certificate IV Fitness – Australian Institute of Fitness
Level 1 Fundamentals Of Kettlebell Training – Australian Institute Of Kettlebells
Level 2 Advanced Concepts Of Kettlebell Training – Australian Institute Of Kettlebells
Fundamentals Of Powerbag Training – Australian Institute Of Kettlebells
Fundamentals Of Battling Ropes Training – Australian Institute Of Kettlebells
Fundamentals Of Mobility For Functional Training – Australian Institute Of Kettlebells
Master Functional Trainer – Australian Institute Of Kettlebells
Certified Suspension Training Coach – CrankIT Fitness
Rehab Fx – CrankIT Fitness
Punch Pad Instructor – Punchfit
Kick Pad Instructor – Punchfit
GX Level 1 Trainer – Punchfit
Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation – Allens Training
Provide Basic Emergency Life Support – Allens Training
Provide First Aid – Allens Training
Apply First Aid – Allens Training

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